VV Process

The Approach

Successful partnerships are built on the trust existing between professionals.
By building deeper relationships, we create more trust, more synergies and more outstanding projects.
The higher the level of trust between you and your partners, the more likely your project is to succeed.

Your Benefits

These deeper connections enable you to:
*Meet talented people that fit perfectly into your project  
*Save time to reach your goals more quickly and efficiently
*Build a network of long-term relationships based on trust

The Method

Whatever kind of partner you need e.g. local experts, prescribers, startups Valena Vibe
applies a holistic approach to developing more intimate connections.
Valena Vibe applies a qualitative strategy customised to fit each project.

Define your needs

Set out your project requiring high-quality relations & identify potential partners.

Analyse potential targets

Research online and offline to understand your targets more deeply.

Use the VV network

Identify and meet people close to your targets to collect info & intros.

Identify the right places

Select situations and places, e.g. clubs and events, your targets may frequent.

Connect with your target

Build deeper, trusting relations at events and through private meetings.

Validate the profile(s)

Present you with a selection of compatible candidates to validate.


Create an initial spark between you & your partner, attend 1st meeting to increase trust.

Follow up

Monitor the relationship from a distance and provide any necessary support.

VV Club Events

To create even more authentic relationships, Valena Vibe set up a unique club that brings together a careful selection of passionate professionals to network in a more intimate and genuine way.
Launched in London and exported to Paris, the club is an opportunity for you to maintain and develop trusting relationships to drive innovative ideas and vibrant projects.
Like Valena Vibe, this club enables powerful partnerships and projects based on warm, creative, open and efficient relationships.
Interested in joining the club? Contact VV to find out more.

Our Partners

Thanks to our inspiring London & Paris partners for supporting Valena Vibe Club with Authenticity.