Valena Vibe

Valena Vibe is brought to you by Valentine Ghozlan

Valena Vibe is brought to you by Valentine Ghozlan. The big idea was sparked in 2015 and, with the help of Alena Levteeva, Valentine set about developing authentic networking projects and events with startups in London, Paris and beyond!

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International Networking Expert and Connector with extensive experience in the Tech industry.

She began working at eBay and then Google, where she developed her networking skills, which she then honed through collaborations with different startups especially setting up the UK version of Startup Socials.


The more authentic the connection, the higher the trust and the easier it is to establish successful partnerships.

Sources of Motivation

People and vibrant hubs such as the trust-based networks she developed in Paris, London, Dublin and Tel-Aviv.


Put relationships on a launchpad to help vibrating/passionate people develop flourishing projects.

Valena Vibe Vocation

Valena Vibe constructs intimate relationships that generate trust to accelerate and enhance your projects.
Creating meaningful connections based on trust transforms ideas and experience into shared success.

The Big Idea

Transform a relationship of power X into power X10

Chemistry + trust + passion + handpicked partners = powerful projects

VV enables managers and entrepreneurs like you to develop projects by providing the right
human resources to ensure maximum success.

By carefully targeting partners who share your energy and vision, Valena Vibe enables you to
build effective partnerships with high levels of trust.

Types of Project

Valena Vibe adds value to any projects requiring high quality partnerships and collaborations.
No 1

Find the right partners to add value to your powerful projects.

No 2

Increase your visibility for a specific target audience.

No 3

Identify startups to boost your innovativeness.

No 4

Develop personalized public relations to boost your launch.

No 5

Amplify the success of your event with specific talents.

No 6

Build strong connections with community leaders.