During her one 1-year mission at Babbler, Valentine’s objective was to: develop our visibility and partner’s network and establish a 12-months communication strategy.

From the beginning, she was very autonomous, overflowing with energy and above all proactive, she was also fully devoted to her mission and quickly obtained results!

Her hard work paid off and Babbler has since created partnerships and participated in operations with organizations, incubators and top rated events! Valentine has also created new communication tools that are highly relevant and original.

Towards the end of her mission, her activities expanded. We needed marketing actions, a challenge that Valentine picked up and successfully delivered, even if it required additional research and skills development on her part.

In short, Valentine is someone who gets deeply involved and implicated with her mission and above all she is beaming with positive energy and she had a very communicative approach. Her presence resonated throughout the team for 12 months.

Sarah Azan, Co-founder & COO