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Startup Socials, based in San Francisco, is a global community of entrepreneurs who are passionate about connecting, empowering people in the startup ecosystem.

The CEO wanted to launch a new chapter in London and was looking for startup enthusiasts to help build it. Valentine got into the loop, together with two other inspiring women, through a personal referral and took over the business development dimension.


The main goal was to bring together as many talented players as possible from the London startup ecosystem by producing large networking events.

The big challenge? Standing out from the strong competition among Startup events in London.

She quickly identified major events to meet tech talents and develop partnerships with influential startup organisations. By creating intimate connections, these major players quickly jump(ed?) on board to ensure long-term success.


Startup Socials Feedback

“Valena Vibe is a powerhouse for authentic connections, positive vibes and, most importantly, a launchpad for new and innovative projects. Valentine took Startup Socials chapter in London from zero to hero and grew our membership to 1k+ within just a few month.

Many entrepreneurs are passionate about their products and services. Valentine is a unique kind; she is passionate about people. Simply put, Valentine truly cares about helping other people.

If you are looking to build your business on deep and authentic connections and grow it fast — hire Valena Vibe! As previous and future partner, I recommend Valena Vibe without any reservation.”

Vasil Azarov, CEO