The key of trusting relationships with VV from BeMyApp Client experience.

The key of trusting relationships with VV from BeMyApp Client experience.

Interview with Aurore Combe, International Project Manager at BeMyApp

Why did you call on the services of Valena Vibe?

Time is precious, especially when you need to get lots done quickly. Building partnerships, on the other hand, takes time, especially if you’re not physically present. We wanted someone who could share his or her contacts within the ecosystem.

Why exactly you hope Valena Vibe would achieve?
We were organising hackathon to develop apps based on different themes e.g. home, health or cars. We needed to find the right skills to build an ecosystem around these topics.

How many people signed up to the Hackathon?
300 people registered and 140 attended during the 48 hours (Friday to Sunday evening).

What kind of partnerships did you want to develop? Who were your targets? What was your aim?
We had 3 main goals:

  • First of all, identify niches and recruit startups working in the same market.
  • Secondly, increase PR by finding specialised media to cover the event
  • Finally, build a social loop with partners to increase visibility via social networks

We were looking to build relationships and share visibility with communities in the ecosystem. We also needed talented speakers and successful entrepreneurs to join the final jury.

Valentine was a great help with all these tasks. Within a week, she had identified and made initial contact with numerous prospects, which would have been impossible if we’d done it on our own.

As Valena Vibe already had strong relationships with these individuals, it was easier to work together as there was already a great deal of trust.

What are you working on right now?
We’re launching a Hack Day during which participants attend workshops, pitch on stage and define their target audience. They then start a 7-week accelerator programme under the guidance of mentors and experts. At the end of this, they then come back for the final.
For this, we’re looking to build close partnerships with startup communities.

Do you think trust is the key to developing efficient relationships?
Trust is essential in professional networking and trusting relationships are always more beneficial. They are particularly effective when both parties know exactly what they want.

What added value did Valena Vibe provide?
VV is a fast and tailored way to create connections for any kind of project e.g. partnerships, medias and professional relationships.

What added value did the new partnerships provide?
For our startup bootcamp, we got great results as everyone know what they wanted making it an effective two-way process. 100 people signed up in less than 3 days thanks to accurate targeting.

What would you recommend about Valena Vibe?
For me, VV’s strengths include:

  • Being pro-active and fast to requests and suggestions
  • Understanding the ecosystem to ensure clear and effective targeting
  • Being an effective enabler and always available to facilitate exchanges
  • Setting up high quality meetings thanks to her amazing network

How could the service provided be improved?
I would suggest implementing a contact form to guide clients when making their initial request. On receiving the form, Valena Vibe would then call back immediately.