Welcome to ValenaVibe

Valena Vibe is an innovative networking company with the specific aim of creating authentic and intimate relationships to accelerate your success.


Valena Vibe’s vocation is to develop rich, personalised connections between you and your potential partners, so that you can draw on this unique chemistry to build successful, long-term projects.

VV’s work with a wide range clients in R&D, entrepreneurs, communications, sales, M&A…the list goes on!

With all these clients, Valena Vibe creates responsible, two-way relationships: VV guarantees to establish a solid relational foundation and the client commits to using this foundation to launch their projects.  

"Deeply involved with positive energy"

Sarah Azan / Co-founder & COO at Babbler

"She did a great networking job by putting us in touch with a startups and partners ecosystem. We had a good return on investment, I recommend her strongly!”

John Karp / Marketing Manager at BeMyApp

“Valena Vibe is a powerhouse for authentic connections, positive vibes and, most importantly, a launchpad for new and innovative projects."

Vasil Azarov / CEO at Startup Socials

"We were very satisfied with the collaboration; she was always reliable, transparent and positive.”

Sebastien Foret / Co-founder & CEO at HowTank

"Very efficient at detecting targets and strongly involved in business meetings, she has enabled us to meet new strategic entrepreneurs we wouldn’t have reached without her.”

Jean-Marc Dumesnil / President at MGT

About VV

Discover the vocation of Valena Vibe Networking services, its scope of projects and founder's expertise.


VV Events

Get a taste of the Authentic Networking events created with VV Club. They bring together select guests from the London and Paris Tech scene to build high-quality connections.


Networking Workshops

Are you motivated to improve your Networking Skills? VV creates and hosts Networking workshops using interpersonal dynamic to help you solve your challenges.


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